Amuse bouche

Fried meatballs of bread,
mint and cheese on a fresh tomato smoothie


Mixed hot and cold appetizers, based on market availability:
Pumpkin soup
Capocollo and mixed cheeses
Durum wheat friselline (dry bread)
Savory ricotta, green olives and artichokes in oil
[ For 2 ]


Cow’s milk Burrata cheese and confit cherry tomatoes – 500 gr.

Flan made with cauliflower,
bread and smoked Scamorza cheese on a cream of chard

Scottona beef tartare topped with Pimà sauce, citrus salad and Mediterranean herbs emulsion

Capocollo di Martina Franca F.lli Gentile

Seared scallop, grass peas cream,
fava beans chips and squid ink*

First courses

Bran-wrapped ricotta drops, beet-cream,
crispy bacon and black truffle oil
Dish created in 2002 by Antonella Ricci

Homemade remilled bran Orecchiette (pasta),
broccoli, confit cherry tomatoes and anchovy-flavored breadcrumbs**

Homemade remilled bran Cavatelli (pasta) with cuttlefish ink,
seafood, and yellow and red cherry tomatoes**

Stuffed, rolled and baked cereal pancake puff,
potatoes, and Scamorza cheese on white mushroom ragout

Creamy soup of hulled fava beans, sautéed seasonal vegetables,
sweet and sour Acquaviva onion and bread croutons

Second courses

CBT “Cappello del prete” beef in Primitivo di Manduria reduction,
Jerusalem artichoke cream and purple potato chips

Meatballs with Manduria tomato sauce,
bread crouton with seasonal vegetables

Capocollo “Bombette” skewers on potato salad, eggplant in oil, and Stracciatella cheese

Baby octopus “Luciana-style” sweet and sour Acquaviva onion,
and frise (dry bread) in olive oil*

Ombrine fillet, warm fava beans cream,
Mediterranean herbs emulsion, and confit cherry tomatoes

Side dishes

Mediterranean salad, cherry tomatoes, Leccino olives,
cucumber, sweet and sour onions and cereal “Spaccatella”

Our hydroponic salad,
mixed fruit and seasoned vinaigrette

Vegetables (based on availability)

Rosemary and lime scented roasted potatoes


Sporcamuss (pastry)
with vanilla cream and red fruits

Baked Ricotta cheese, red fruit cream and seasonal fruit
accompanied by warm butter bread

Chocolate cake, cocoa and almonds crumble
on mango-chili chutney

Almond milk cream, puffed rice fluff and salted caramel

Small pastry & Cocktail

Almond paste cookies

Frozen Mojito with mint and lime infusion, no ice
Cocktail created by Vinod Sookar in 2006

Some fresh livestock products, as well as fish products served raw and fresh homemade pastas, undergo rapid temperature chilling to ensure quality and safety, as outlined in the HACCP plan under EC Reg. 852/04 and EC Reg. 853/04 (Italian legislation).

For the full list of allergens (according to EU Reng. 1169/2011) and products culled on site, please consult the venue staff.


**Prepared on site and then subjected to rapid temperature chilling
to ensure quality and safety, as described in the HACCP plan
under EC Reg. EC Reg. 852/04 and EC Reg. 853/04, and then frozen.

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