A family in the kitchen

She comes from Brindisi, he’s from Mauritius, they are partners in life and in the workplace. The secret of Ricci Osteria is in the relationship between Antonella Ricci and Vinod Sookar, but not just.

In the Apulian food industry, the name Ricci represents a pride. It is in the family restaurant, Al Fornello da Ricci since 1966, holder of Puglia’s longest-running Michelin Star, that Antonella moves her first steps in the kitchen.

A journey marked by study and passion, which leads her to meet Vinod. The two meet during a seminar that she held in Mauritius in 1998. A professional partnership that was solidified by marriage the following year.
The couple’s dream is to bring the Mediterranean sunshine to Milan. A dream come true thanks to the meeting with founding partners Massimiliano Paradisi, Marco Postiglione and Resident Chef Francesco Bordone.

Thus Ricci Osteria was born, a place where guests can feel at home, enveloped in the warmth of a large family.